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Leasing Support

Phillip Chapman, the Director of Lease1, provides his comments on how it affects the retail sector.

Here is a 10 Step Plan of Attack:

1. Review Rosters v Trading Hours and create a saving plan (landlords are already advising they will be flexible here)

2. Negotiate with Bankers to defer loan payments

3. Same for Equipment and Chattel leases, seek to defer

4. Suppliers, negotiate suitable payment terms and even defer part or all payments for a period of time

5. Review and remove all non-essential operating costs, for example storage

6. Defer capital expenditure on equipment, shop refurbishments, etc., and channel funds into the operating costs plan

7. Compare your numbers on customer counts, sales, gross profit and P & L reports for the same weekly/monthly period this year to last year-be an open book

8. Review your lease for savings areas such as waiving of annual rent reviews, reduction in security/bank guarantee to free up capital

9. Create a revised sales and cash flow projection to the end of this calendar year making assumptions based on the above savings

10. Make an appointment to sit down with your Landlord and discuss where they fit into the battle plan. This may be through rent abatement, deferring rent, extending lease term or a combination of these.

Hygiene Guides

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- Infection Control Training

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Financial Guidance

- Our wonderful partners at Accounting Angels are offering consultation calls to HBIA members, to guide and assist you with navigating the available finance packages. Click HERE to book your call.

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Emotional Wellness

- Superfriend Crisis Guide

- Beyond Blue


- Financial Assistance for Individuals

- Employment Resources Management System

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