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Reopening retail in Australia - Supply chain, inventory, merchandising and pricing

As restrictions begin to lift, it is critical for retailers to work through the operational and tactical fundamentals – the heart of business operations – of reopening retail and relaunching your business.

While moving from response to recovery, you have a unique opportunity to stitch these areas together to complement and reinforce one another while adapting to the “new normal”.

Join us for a three-part webinar series hosted by Deloitte Australia national retail lead, David White, which will explore each of the six areas at the heart of business operations. Each webinar will cover two of the primary areas (as below) delivered by subject matters experts from the Deloitte Australia retail team.


Please note that registration is required for each webinar and will be capped at 500 participants per webinar, so get in quick! Register HERE.

Recordings will be made available after the sessions.

PART THREE - Supply chain, inventory, merchandising and pricing

Thursday 14 May


What we’ll cover and who you’ll hear from

• Supply chain & inventory (Supply Chain partners, John O’Connor and Chris Coldrick)

• Merchandising & pricing (Pricing Strategy & Margin Management partner, Alon Ellis, and US retail consultant and principal, Tom Quinn)

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