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Mental Health in the Workplace – How healthy is your workplace?

Workers compensation insurance has been helping staff everywhere get their lives back following injury or illness for over 100 years.

The insurance industry is seeing the impact mental health has on employees and the flow on effect for their employers.

A recent survey completed by Allianz insurance & Yougov revealed the following stats;

- 89% of people surveyed had experienced symptoms of a mental health issue at work in the last 12 months

- 93% of people surveyed believe mental health issued are more prevalent in the workplace than reported as people are relucted to talk to their managers or colleagues

- 78% of people surveyed were worried if they asked for time off for a mental health issue it would be viewed in a negative light

- 85% of people surveyed believed managers are more likely to think an employee’s need for time off is genuine if they say they had a cold or flu

As we all live in a day and age of constant pressure and rushes it is as important as ever to support our staff and create a healthy work environment by prioritising mental health, having open & honest leadership, consistent workload management and encourage a work/life balance!

When your staff are mentally fit it can improve thinking, decision-making, workflow, and relationships at work.

For handy tips and guides on creating a healthy workplace you can visits sites such as

Workers’ compensation laws vary in each state across Australia. For specific guidance on workers’ compensation matters, it is recommended you contact your relevant workers’ compensation authority.

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