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An affordable and modern client retention solution for hair a beauty businesses

In today’s competitive hair & beauty salon industry, it is paramount for business owners to embrace technology to retain clients. Providing a great experience on premise is always going to be the biggest reason why a client would return but leveraging the capabilities offered by the latest and most innovative digital tools can significantly boost your retention statistics and revenues.

RETAINOO – An Australian Beauty-Tech company launched their innovative digital solution for hair & beauty businesses in the mid of 2019 and are gaining a lot of popularity for their innovative features that have been missing in many popular software. Big brands like Toni & Guy have started using Retainoo overseas and number of business owners using Retainoo in Australia is also growing. We have collated some key benefits and features for you, so you can see if Retainoo is suitable for your business needs.

"Retainoo is the most innovative software & client retention platform for hair& beauty businesses. It will help you build a real connection with your clients, a connection that is not only real but is ‘real-time’."

Digital tools not only provide a mechanism to connect and engage with your clients but also capitalise on data, a vastly underrated asset. With the right information, you can easily identify key metrics such as your best performing stylist or specialist or which clients are due their next appointment. As the business owner, ask yourself the following questions. If you do not know all the answers, don’t worry – you are about to find out how to address these issues!

  • Do I have the digital capability to manage my salon and stay engaged with my real clients in real-time, anytime, all the time?

  • Can I accurately quantify performance of each of my staff?

  • Do I provide my clients an opportunity to easily provide documented feedback after each visit?

  • Can I easily identify all my clients who did not like their service at their last visit & why?

  • Do my clients have the modern digital experience when it comes to bookings, history, downloading invoices or getting in touch with me?

  • Do my clients get any ‘value-add’ by maintaining their relationship with my business?

  • Do I have a way to re-engage directly with my clients that never returned?

At Retainoo, we feel that “One real client is much more important than ten potential clients on social media”. A lot of business owners are spending significant time and funds to attract new clients on social media, sometimes through expensive digital marketing agencies. However, not many business owners are making essential investment on retaining their real clients. A client could have a lifetime value in thousands of dollars if retained properly.

Clients are switching salons more than ever before mainly due to not having any ‘switching cost’ and salons have no time to manage loyalty programs with ease. There is a reason why clients don’t switch banks too often: they lose their history and data when they switch. Clients in today’s digital age are also more demanding than ever before: they want a modern and simple interaction.

Whether it’s making an appointment, accessing their loyalty points, accessing their invoice or just getting in touch with the salon, there are many areas where overall client experience needs focus.

Here are some of the main features why Retainoo is a must have software for your hair & beauty business in this digital age.

Digital Client Connectivity through ready- to- go app

Data is the new gold. With digital connectivity with your clients, you can collect and use meaningful data that would not only help you to personalise your clients’ experience but also create a sense of loyalty.

The moment you are setup on Retainoo’s powerful digital platform, your clients will automatically get an email or a text message with a welcome message and instructions to download the app and connect with you. Clients simply need to login to have fully personalised view: a simple & quick appointments system; visit history with gallery of pictures capturing their best salon moments; loyalty points history and many more.

Once the connection is established, you have opened the door to countless possibilities for providing enhanced client experience and retention, such as offering bonus loyalty points for clients to download the app and connect with. For those who do not wish to download the app, sms and emails still work!!! See all features on

Save time with automated and clever in-app & online appointment system

With Retainoo, clients can instantly book appointments through their app with or without nominating their preferred stylist or beautician. All it takes is a few seconds and very few clicks. The automated appointment system ensures the clients get timely in-app reminders and the business even gets ‘no-show warnings’ if clients are unlikely to turn up on-time. Our clients already report that they save 80% of their time managing appointments using Retainoo, so as a business owner you have more time to do what matters.

Stay in control of your business, from anywhere - anytime

Retainoo is a full package. The solution consists of a business portal with a rich dashboard of useful reports and personalised app views. The portal is fully integrated with the app platform that consists of five personalized app views for front-of-house, owner, manager, staff and most importantly, the clients.

With the owner app view, owners can receive live notifications for all salon activities such as daily revenue, number of transactions, appointments and client feedback – all through your app with a touch of a button. Through the app, you can also create tailored salon publications or discount promotions targeting specific clients by segment such as unhappy clients, clients who have not returned for a month or two etc.

Client driven and accurate staff rating system

Every time you serve your client, they automatically receive a notification to provide feedback on the service. Our research indicates that a client will be more open and honest to providing feedback in their own time when they are away from the salon. For business owners, there is nothing more powerful than getting a documented feedback from their clients every time they pay you a visit.

Super personalised client experience

Who doesn’t want to show off their new nails, hair or make-up? Your clients through their personal client app can take a picture (visual record) of each service they get at your salon and it gets tagged to their record automatically. They can even add their own comments for each service so next time they walk-in, you can refer to the previous visual record and client comments to offer them something more personalised.

For more details on the features, please visit our website or contact our sales team in Australia on

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